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We hit hard.  We launch an in-depth SEO Audit that dives into your online traffic, Keyword Rankings, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Local SEO, Link Profile and Online Competition.  We think it’s important to know where you are to better understand where you’re going.


We develop a robust SEO and Digital Marketing strategy that is directly informed with data from our research.  We find immediate opportunities, long term tactics and weaknesses in your competition.


We put our Braun into it and execute on every opportunity to ensure that you see results as fast as possible.

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What are people saying?

We'll let our clients speak for themselves...
  • I've had the pleasure of working with Kainen on several projects. As a web designer; I hire Braun Digital Marketing when my client's sites need an extra SEO boost. We see results quickly on every site he touches. I highly recommend using Braun Digital Marketing as your SEO strategist.
    Jeff MillerJeff MillerWeb Designer
  • The Home Front Cares recently participated in an SEO training with Braun Digital Marketing. Kainen is not only incredibly knowledgeable about SEO and digital marketing, but he is able to put it into terms that the average internet user can understand. We threw many tough questions at him, all of which he was able to answer and to help us to understand as well.
    The Home Front The Home Front Veterans Nonprofit
  • Kainen's efforts have resolved our issues by removing all unintended backlinks and providing mapping services for our website. We're now climbing in our search ranking on the major search engines.
    Fremont Regional HospiceFremont Regional HospiceHospice President

Our Services

Our Services

Our services act as the building blocks of your strategy. Whether you need a full blown SEO air assault, or a straightforward audit of your current keyword rankings, we are ready and willing to get you where you need to be in a jiffy.

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Tired of seeing your competition rank higher than you? We can fix that. Simply contact us by phone or through our contact page to get the ball rolling.  We will perform an Audit that prioritizes your opportunities and sit down for a consultation within a week!

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SEO Blog

Take a gander.  Our blog is intended to be a cozy place where you can sip a cup o’ joe and learn about how this whole SEO thing works.  Recommendations? Shoot em’ over! 

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Just think. Within a week of filling out this form you could be well on your way to more traffic, conversions, and money in your pocket. we've never met a client we couldn't help.

Serving Colorado Springs and Pueblo with Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing Services.

Pueblo SEO and Search Engine Optimization

Pueblo SEO and Digital Marketing

Pueblo is booming.  Small businesses are popping up everyday that are hungry for success.  Because of the rapidly growing market and increased competition, it is important for Pueblo businesses to ensure they have a solid foundation in Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing Strategy.  While SEO in Pueblo wasn’t necessary 3 years ago, it has now become mandatory for growth. 

Colorado Springs SEO and Digital Marketing

Colorado Springs is a savvy market. Business owners in Colorado Springs have been needing SEO for several years to stay competitive.   If you own a business here, you probably already feel the pressure of needing solid Search Engine Optimization or Digital Marketing services just to catch up to your competition.  We know this market inside and out and can help you take advantage of your opportunities. 


We are very proud to have served these great organizations