Monthly SEO Services

Monthly SEO

Need more than an audit or a conversation? No problem *crack knuckles* we can unleash a full blown SEO assault on your website to squeeze out every drop of juice possible.  By engaging in month to month SEO services with us you will have access to all of our knowledge and service packages for a set monthly cost based on hours of work.  Depending on how aggressively we work toward improving your rankings and, ultimately, the amount of conversions we get depends on you.

We will start with an SEO audit tMonthly SEOo identify areas of opportunity which will be prioritized based on your business objectives.  You may want more social shares, or to rank higher than your competition with your primary keyword phrase, or you may just want the peace of mind that when it comes to SEO you have a pro in your corner, or heck, you might want all of this and more.  Either way, we will present a strategy and report our progress regularly so that as one objective is met, another is executed…and so on and so forth.


Included in our Monthly SEO services you will also be equipped with the following:

  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Website Traffic Reporting
  • Keyword Ranking Reports
  • Google Search Console Reporting
  • Monthly strategy session

At the end of the day, you will know what we are doing for you and why.  Your success is ours and vise versa, so a partnership with you means doing everything in our power to skyrocket your digital presence.

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